Harvest Wrist Warmers

Completed. Woo-hoo! There's a lot of left over yarn, so I'll probably end up knitting some baby or children's socks. They come in very handy for gifts & even if I don't give them away they'll be useful someday. I have the urge to begin knitting in the Japanese Kanji for hand ( 手 ) on the bottom of any hand-wash only socks. It just seems logical since I tend to consider everything machine washable (with normal loads) unless specified.

I really need to get a digital camera & some decent photo hosting space. I'd really like something with command line access since I'm not much on web-interfaces.


I gave the Violets by the River shawl to my mother-in-law for Xmas. I'm rather sure she liked it. The Misti Alpaca sport weight yarn was like working with butter. mmm. My father-in-law was given a pair of dress socks that were only the height of crew socks. It's the height he likes & it really beat knitting any higher. Due to being machine washable, I used Essential for the socks. Took just under three balls for his (big) feet.

After completing the Harvest Wrist Warmers, I've been asked to knit a doll sweater for my mom. Even though the pattern she gave me calls for a dk weight yarn, I bought a worsted weight in the most gorgeous colorway. Bo Peep Fiber Shop was having a yarn sale, so I just couldn't pass up the hand-dyed Dzined wool/hemp/mohair blend (color WHM22106). It was expensive for my budget, but well worth it. Before the sale it was already underpriced. Altering the pattern shouldn't be hard. I've done such before. Afterall, it's for a doll. It doesn't have to be comfortable.