After having one of my cats make a mess of a ball of yarn, I've discovered that a couple of things many people enjoy about wool I hate. The fact that wool "sticks" (which makes it great for steeking) is utterly annoying. I also strongly dislike the stretchiness. I love working with cotton & other plant fibers which most tend to dislike because there isn't any stretch in the fiber. Superwash wool is ok. As is a nylon/wool mix.


Cat Bed 2 Fin!

I snuggled the cat bed into the corner of our stripy couch &, lo & behold, the cat who sleeps there loves it as is! I put the hole towards the corner & it works fine that way. So I'm not going to bother with it anymore since it's already almost too small.


Cat Bed 2...Almost

It turns out that the garter stitch strip I knit for the sides of my second cat bed is too short. Therefore I'm thinking of filling the rest in with a felted red vest, just for kicks. My cats won't care, but it'll be interesting looking compared to the other (whose colors I like better).