Charts for Spring Socks

yo flower chart

These are the flower (left) & butterfly (below) charts that I'll be using on my Spring Socks. I'm still working out the placement & repeats, but I've finally decided on how to create the motifs I was aiming for.

yo butterfly chart
\ = skp
/ = k2tog
O = yo


From Opal Petticoat to Spring Socks

Opal  Palette 1290  2.25mm (sz1) 8.5sts/1"

This is my gauge swatch for Opal yarn in Petticoat 1290 on 2.25mm needles. Even though the socks I'm knitting are in the round, I knit the swatch flat. Early on I learned that my gauge is the same with both methods. (Well, perhaps a slight difference in rows/inch, but that's not a big deal to me.) I'd forgotten this yarn & was pleasantly surprised to find something so Spring-like amongst my stash.

I decided to branch out & try a toe-up sock with a short row toe & heel. My toe's short row pick-up row looks, imho, rather ugly. Perhaps I'll try a different wrap or wrap pick-up on the heel to see if the results improve. Presently, I'm attempting to decide what type of pattern to use on it. My favorites thus far lean towards yo flowers & wrapped bow/butterflies. I've spent too much time trying different types of decreases for the flowers. Whether to do them directly next to the yos or further away as a vertical row. Then, what type of decreases? The normal skp & k2tog or twisted versions? What type of twisted (both stitches at once, both stitches one at a time, or top stitch twisted only)? arg. I really wasn't planning on it taking this long to decide on a pattern stitch.


Lace Doll Sweater (by Gaela Designs)

Lace Doll Sweater (by Gaela Designs), back, on needles

This is the back of the sweater, supported by the ball of yarn, while it was still on the needles. Taken with my webcam, it's the best I can do. It's a top down, raglan construction. I decided to do the sleeves in the round on dpns instead of flat & seaming them as per the instructions. It required some extra math, but in the end I think it fits better than a seam would have allowed.

Lace Doll Sweater (by Gaela Designs), right front & arm, on needles

Here is the right front & arm of the sweater. Notice the sleeve stitches are held by some orange acrylic so they can be knit in the round later. It again sits on the ball of yarn. I love these colors!


How I Felt(ed My Cat Bed)

So far, I've had the best luck by

  • Hottest wash
  • Coldest rinse
  • Lowest water level
  • One quarter of the amount of soap for a small load
  • Bit of vinegar (keep the dye from bleeding
  • Double rinse
  • Dry in dryer on high
  • Use a dryer sheet

I didn't put it in a pillowcase or anything, but I'm thinking I might need to next time to spare my washing machine. I tie pillowcases shut with hair bands to clean them at the same time.