The Yarn Harlot in South Bend

Sunday, the Yarn Harlot made a book signing stop in South Bend at Sit 'n Knit to promote her new book Yarn Harlot : The Secret Life of a Knitter. I must be nuts to drive all that way. South Bend ended up being about two & a half hours north of Indy. Not nearly as bad as I'd thought it'd be, but tiring nonetheless.

Once up there it took awhile to locate the store. The streets didn't seem to be as clearly labeled as I thought they should have been, but it could've just been tiredness from the road. It seems to be in an area that's being renovated.

The shop was very nice inside. Cozy with lots of space to sit & knit in. They serve coffee (lattes, etc.), which is a nice change of pace. Nice yarn selection as well, although pricer than down here.

Stephanie was just as nice in person as the impression from her blog. Those socks do go everywhere with her. Although it was expected, it still made me chuckle. She read a passage from her book, told stories, & answered questions.

There's an article about it in South Bend Tribune.

After the talk & signing, many of the knitters went to a knit out in Goshen. It sounded rather interesting, so I drove out there to find it. Of course, by the time I made it there, I was too tired to actually stop. Too bad, really.

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