Finished: Spring Socks

Spring Socks: Mirrors (Nearly)

I've finally, finally!, completed the Spring Socks I began roughly one year ago. This is the first pair of socks I've knit myself. While I love the colorway & pattern I chose for them, there are a few issues with them. Wouldn't it figure that the first pair of socks I actually make for myself turn out to also be the first pair that don't fit their owner as well as hoped for.

Spring Socks: Short Row Toe

Right from the start I begain my first toe-up socks with a new (on a sock) technique: the short row toe. I decided to begin these socks with a temporary cast-on & short row toe. I can't recall if I double wrapped on the toe or not because that part was done last year.

Spring Socks: Short Row Heel

Towards the middle came my first short row heel. These were double-wrapped (once on the way in & once on the way out again). The holes/stitches are still too large for my liking & the heel is also too pointy for my tastes (note to next time complete fewer wraps per side).

Spring Socks: Picot Bind-Off

In the end I became rather tired of knitting the pattern over & over & just wanted my first pair of socks for myself to be complete. These thus became rather short socks (for my own personal taste) with a picot (sewn down) edge. Notice the curl where it was sewn to the inside of the sock.

Spring Socks: Top Near Toe, Butterfly & Flower Patterns

All in all, I really love my Spring Socks. (Butterfly toward the toe with the flower below (actually above it on the physical sock which makes the butterfly here upside-down).)